Gerador de nomes Drow


10 ideias aleatórias (Nome + Nome da casa com significado) geradas para si:

  • Sabalune (Amber, yellow diviner, fate, future, oracle)
    Aleanzynge (The noble line of the ruins)
  • Faerxena (Oath, sworn, vow cutter, gem, jewel, jeweller)
    Teken'tlar (Delvers in mysteries)
  • Suspuit (Learned, skilled, wise breath, voice, word)
    Oussett (Heirs to magic)
  • Qildriira (Charmed, docile, friend mother, father, teacher)
    Torrret (Mistresses of the void)
  • Dilquarra (Cold, ice, still horde, host, legion)
    Frevirr (Friends to dominance)
  • Greydril (Ghost, pale, unloving knight, sword, warrior)
    Maeghym (Raiders from the forgotten ways)
  • Vierxyra (Black, dark, darkness sage, teller)
    Desparn (Victors of fire)
  • Luastra (Bright, crystal, light spider, spinner, weaver)
    Arabar (Daughters of poison)
  • Gausscyrl (Dread, fear, feared, vile ally, companion, friend)
    Barrindar (Spawn of black hearts)
  • Jhaeldia (Ambitious, clan, kin, family rogue, stealer)
    Deani (Champions of the widow)
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