Generate fantasy names


List of random fantasy names:

  • Rikkya Little-Hand
  • Miss Miller
  • Dream Glory
  • Kirurn Aethbal
  • Neptun Evil
  • Great Shark
  • Encouraging Designer
  • Gaiety Haroldro
  • Happykit
  • Galdara
  • Lltdinn
  • Darth Imnes
  • Lady Smasher
  • Open Dakota
  • Bruimiaz
  • Terri Skiadas
  • Toakid
  • Saadah Lalh
  • Commander Death Sable
  • Galdok Fadmak
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The fantasy random name generator is a great tool that will perfectly help you decide on a unique nickname. The tool will be useful to fanfic authors, fantasy game players, and simply those who need an unusual and beautiful nickname. The generator can find the list for both male and female names.

Ideas on How to Find the Perfect Fantasy Name

If you having trouble with choosing the perfect name for the fantasy world, just use this advice:

  • Decide on a Purpose. If you're writing a book, your character's name should be memorable and easy to read. For online games, for example, DND, the same rule applies.
  • It Must Suit The Character. It is very important that you come up with a nickname for a human, an elf, or even a dragon.
  • Put Meaning Into Your Nickname. It is desirable that the name reflects the character's character. It's a good idea to name it after one of the gods. Sometimes a contrast is acceptable, for example, when dwarfs are called menacing names, and dark orcs with the soft ones.

Make the most of your creativity and you can choose a truly fairy name for your fantasy character.

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