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10 random ideas generated for you:

  • Darth Rad
  • Darth Qyrr
  • Darth Jekkiw
  • Darth Khaer
  • Darth Trudd
  • Darth Brocteich
  • Darth Onret
  • Darth Rhian
  • Darth Roh
  • Darth Urteth
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If you're a Star Wars fan, you might want to select a Sith username for yourself. You can use this name as your nickname in real life or in a video game. Our free generator can offer top-notch male and female Sith names to you.

The Difference Between a Darth and a Sith

Sith names are very diverse because various creatures can become Siths. Some names might be difficult to remember while others will stick in your mind at the first attempt. Many (but not all) Sith names sound dark.

Darth is a title that a Sith Lord can give to you. It will precede your chosen Sith's name. Based on the name accompanied with the title, others can understand that you have begun a new life from scratch.

How to Use Our Name Generator

Our automated names creator is AI-powered. It can generate an endless number of random name ideas. Each time you push the button, you'll get a list of 10 great names. Each word combination is unique. If none of the variants seems appealing to you, just push the button once again. Keep doing so until you come across a name you'll fall in love with.

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