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30 random orc names have been generated for you:

  • Cuthilal
  • Aterg
  • Egykh
  • Ylurg
  • Bonynyn
  • Baleza
  • Akarz
  • Xebulogd
  • Ereth
  • Sewemth
  • Canihan
  • Imab
  • Ameheb
  • Motholerz
  • Ahyg
  • Ythoroog
  • Ugag
  • Osuwash
  • Iguk
  • Lypizyb
  • Shuxigekawoth
  • Owoweg
  • Mixyheth
  • Yler
  • Ixerha
  • Yshol
  • Athehokush
  • Odomyth
  • Elrugom
  • Aderok
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Welcome to the Orc Name Generator! It is created to provide name ideas for your orc character. But where do orcs originally come from?

Orcs are a humanoid race of ugly appearance. They are savages in a fight, bloodthirsty, and merciless to their opponents. J. R. R. Tolkien is regarded to be the creator of the orc race. In “The Lord of The Rings”, orcs were not always brutal barbarians. They used to be elves once, but were succumbed to evil.

Many roleplay and online games feature the orc race. In The Elder Scrolls series, including Skyrim and ESO, orcs, or Orsimer, are skilled smiths and warriors; Dungeons & Dragons games also feature the members of the race that resemble those created by Tolkien: aggressive fighters of repellent appearance.

Besides, there are also half-orcs in the DnD series, humanoids of human and orc origin. Warcraft games boast more than one kind of orcs of different factions. The wow orcs were engaged in a conflict with the Burning Legion which corrupted them, but Mag'har orcs managed to escape and live in isolation. Orcs can also be seen in a wide range of popular games such as Warhammer and Pathfinder.

How to Pick an Orc Name?

  1. The first suggestion is: mind the language! The tongue of orcs is harsh and brutal, that is why most names are based on a guttural construction and include hard consonant sounds such as ‘d’, ‘k’, ‘g’ etc.
  2. Add a title. If you want to express your character’s deeds or individuality, you are free to think of a title to go with the name.

If you require more orc name ideas, check out our Orc Name Generator! Choose the gender of your character (male or female) and click the Generate button. Want to get more names? Just click the button again, and a new random list will be generated.

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