Harry Potter Name Generator

Type in your first/last name and find out what your Harry Potter name is.

The list of 10 random names has been created for your Harry Potter character:

  • Amabel Nightlily
  • Dionisia Quickdancer
  • Odessa Stormsong
  • Mithra Lightwatcher
  • Bohemond Whitespire
  • Murtagh Astrolune
  • Aldrich Nightsilver
  • Eira Emberspire
  • Augustus Miststrike
  • Quintus Staron
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Our generator can create a random name for your wizard alter-ego or a fictional character (male or female). It will sound as amazing as members of the houses Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or any other name from the fantasy novel Harry Potter.

This tool will be useful for fanfic authors who write about Hogwarts students and witchcraft. Fans of role-playing games whose plots are based on magic also often use this generator.

When picking the best Harry Potter names, you can choose from an unlimited number of variants. The generator shows you 10 combinations (first and last name) at a time. You can use them freely, as they don't belong to anyone.

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