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Random wizard names:

  • Idoming Bjoenrson
  • Giallu
  • Bazro Farddun
  • Funlovinggianni
  • Uizler
  • Ogoogd
  • Oimmayroalth
  • Darth Qinrun
  • Haid Hiks
  • Oslaroor Rich-Strider
  • Urnuhyheth
  • Drog'thumeth
  • Zalaam Tebom
  • Niyza Baramek
  • Iqakokh
  • Oshuk
  • Darth Trada
  • Miwurok
  • Danny Midhurst
  • Ybesh
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Make the most of your imagination if you need to come up with a name for a wizard character, whether you're creating a fantasy book, registering for an RPG, or any other purpose. Of course, this might occasionally take a lot of time, which can limit inventiveness. Fortunately, you can use our unique name generator to make the brainstorming process more pleasurable and engaging. Just type in your name, choose the gender of your character and pick the best wizard names.

Some tips to find the best name

Our name generator is amazingly simple to use. You're just a couple of clicks away to find a random wizard name that is based on your name. If you still don't know about the right variation, just use these recommendations:

  • The Name is Reflection. The name usually reflects the character's magical abilities or appearance. A wizard's strong personality trait should be based on his name, making it easier for people to picture him in their minds.
  • The Name Is The Zest. Don't use for the millionth time what was used for you. Uniqueness is what will make your character memorable.
  • Context Matters. If you are creating a fantasy world, then the wizard's name should be appropriate to that world. Therefore, the name may contain words related to magic or sorcery.

Choosing a name for a wizard character is absolutely simple, but also interesting! You will handle this perfectly!

Famous Wizard Names

Name Source
Gandalf Lord of the Rings, Tolkien
Saruman Lord of the Rings, Tolkien
Merlin Arthurian Legends
Medivh Warcraft
Khadgar Warcraft
Radagast Lord of the Rings, Tolkien
Elminster Aumar Dungeons & Dragons
Mordenkainen Dungeons & Dragons
Raistlin Majere Dragonlance series, Dungeons & Dragons
Albus Dumbledore Harry Potter series
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