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  • Seedgentle
  • Yarrowwish
  • Morningautumn
  • Fairysweet
  • Ratmottled
  • Carnationochre
  • Tallowflutter
  • Copperkit
  • Sulfurpaw
  • Parsleystar
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The Warrior Cats Name Generator will help you choose a name for your original character from the Warriors book series!

‘Warriors’ is a saga about the life and adventures of several wild cat clans. Written by several authors under the name of Erin Hunter, the books soon became a world-famous phenomenon. The fictional cat universe still strives and lives on, its vivid world continues to attract lots of new readers and writers from all across the globe.

Cat names bear a special significance in the novel series. The first part of the name may be related to a natural object, an animal, or a color. Names reflect the temper and individuality of each cat: female names are usually gentle and cute, while male ones sound cool and powerful. That is why coming up with a good and catchy name for your cats is extremely important, whether you are going to use it when writing fanfics or creating an original character.

Here are some Tips on Choosing a Warrior Cats name:

  1. A warrior or a kitty pet? Does your character belong to one of the clans or live with humans? You need to bear it in mind since the cat clans have their own naming rules (you will find more information on it below) compared to the simple and domestic names of kitty pets. Examples of kitty pet names are Bell, Millie, and Jade.
  2. Choose the first part of the name. Here all kinds of plants, animals, traits, natural objects, and phenomena will serve as an inspiration. For example: Brave, Acorn, Squirrel, Rain, Dawn.
  3. Choose a suffix. In the books, cats have different clan positions distinguished by specific name suffixes: -kit for kits, -paw for apprentices, and -star for leaders. At the age of 6 months, a kit can begin their training as an apprentice, acquiring a different name suffix as a token of their new role and position. For example: Whitekit, Rainpaw, Bravestar.
  4. When it comes to clan names, they are often based on the features of the land a clan occupies or on the personal traits of cats. In the novel, for instance, the clan by the river is called River Clan; Thunder Clan got its name for the strength and bravery of its members; the cats of Shadow Clan are sly and cruel.

If you require more ideas for a feral or clan name, check out our Warrior Cats Name Generator. It is easy to use:

  1. Choose a suitable category of cats;
  2. type the letters with which cat names can be starting and ending;
  3. simply click the Generate name/clan name button, and a random list of unique names will show up.

Want to give it another try? Just click the button again, and a new list will be generated for you in an instant.

We hope you find our guide and the Warrior Cats Name Generator useful.

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